Expand your customer
base with same-day delivery!

Why use eBoxchain for customer deliveries?

Adaptability to consumer needs: Ensuring a smooth and satisfactory “last-mile” delivery – the final stage of the journey before a product lands in a consumer’s hands – is more significant than ever. A superior last-mile experience engages and retains consumers, with research showing that 75% are willing to spend more if they're satisfied with the delivery services. In the past year alone, e-commerce salesdelivered to consumers' doors went up by about 15%, topping $517 billion spent online.

While this is good news for retailers’ top line, today’s delivery models are not proving to be up to the task, with retailers absorbing a portion of the cost of last-mile delivery. As more consumers shift to online ordering, the challenge of meeting their demand for excellent delivery service is expected to hurt retailers’ profitability. In fact, net profit for a grocery retailer in the US could potentially fall by 28% over three years if the retailer doesn't bolster its delivery capabilities.


Why does eBoxchain provide an option for home delivery?

  • 1. Consumers’ increasing desire for faster and more frequent deliveries
  • 2. Clear benefits for firms that offer great last-mile delivery services
  • 3. The increasing impact on profitability of more and more last-mile deliveries.

58% of consumers order online because they find retail stores as crowded as rush-hour public transport systems

64% of consumers are willing toswitch to a competing retailer/brand if it offers a faster delivery service


How can using eBoxchain help you increase sales?

img Lets you offer same-day delivery service to your customers

Give your customers an efficient option for home delivery. Partnering with eBoxchain, you don’t have to own trucks or hire drivers. Simply call on us to deliver packages to your customers. While you focus on meeting your customers' needs, we handle the delivery.

Leverages eBoxchain's flexible network to deliver to and from multiple fulfillment locations

We can deliver either from your stores in metropolitan and urban locations or from your local warehouse. We can even set up warehouses in close proximity to your customers, reducing delivery time and cost: a win-win for you and your customers!

Why partner with eBoxchain?

Greater customer base: You'll be able to reach customers who don't live within driving distance of your store. Online food and grocery delivery companies may not deliver to these locations.

Fair pricing: The price we agree on is the price you pay. We charge per package. We don’t set minimums, service charges, or promotional fees.

Courteous drivers: Our drivers are everyday people who live and work in their communities, earning extra money per trip with us.


Customer Satisfaction

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48% intend to stop purchasing from the poor-performing retailer

Those who will continue to shop at the poor-performing retailer plan to reduce their spend by 45%

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74% intend to increase purchase levels by 12% with their preferred retailer

53% would be willing to purchase a paid membership for delivery services

Customer FAQ's

This short video explains what eBoxchain is and how it works.

We partner with businesses so they can deliver items to their customers' homes.

We have several options to meet your business’s needs. You can select a package depending on the number of deliveries you require.

We are currently serving Raleigh, NC; Jackson, MS; the Eastern Shore of VA; Knoxville, TN; and Washington DC.

Everyday people who have made it through our background driving and criminal record checks They're your neighbors, coworkers, or students at local colleges who are looking to earn extra money in their spare time.

Absolutely! You can track your package either from our app or from the website. Simply enter the package ID and see your package's journey in realtime.

At present we offer LTL shipments in limited markets. Please visit our freight page(link to freight page) for more details.